How to win a million dollars

Imagine winning a million dollars…or even more. Make that internal image bright, colourful, loud and close-up. Feels good doesn’t it?! But, that’s all it will ever be – an imagining. Well, there are guys who say that you can win a million dollars easily by learning how to win the lottery. Do you believe them? I didn’t – until now.

Winning at Games of Chance

There are few games in the world that offer top prize’s which total a million dollars or more. When I think of the most common million dollar games out there an image of Vegas flashes across my mind.

I think especially of those slot machines, called “one-armed bandits” in the UK, that have a jackpot of 1 or 2 million dollars. But I think I’ve a better chance of dating Rhianna than winning one of those.

In fact the odds of winning on Megabucks, with an 11 million dollar jackpot, are so bad that I can’t find anyone who has bothered to calculate them. Do tell me if you know different.

Winning the Lottery

So, if the odds are so bad for winning at slow machines why would anyone bother with the lottery. Surely the lotto has worse odds of winning than a mere slot machine? Well, actually it doesn’t. Your odds of winning the lottery can be much, much better than any other gambling game when you know how to play smart.

You see the lottery relies, not on mere chance as most people believe, but on probabilities.

If you have ever tried to find a lotto-breaking code or formula then I am sure you will have heard of said before that the lottery is a game of probabilities. However, few people who make that statement tell you how to use that information to beat the game!

How to Win the Lottery

Playing the Lotto Game

Most people play the lotto like they play a slot machine. They simply hand over their money follow the simple instructions then sit back and let the game decide if they win or lose.

But, you can play smarter than that.


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The simple truth is that there is no point waiting for blind luck to strike when playing the lottery.

A standard 6/49 lottery that has 49 numbers to choose from and allows 6 numbers per entry requires a player’s entry to match all 6 numbers drawn by the lotto computer in order to win a jackpot.

Do you know what the chances of this happening are? Approximately 14 million to 1 against! Pretty sh***y odds if you ask me, time to return to the slot machines? Well, maybe not.

Playing With the Lottery Odds

remember I mentioned that the lottery is a game of probabilities? Well, this little known fact is what can reduce your chances of winning the lottery from 1 in 14 millions down to an almost certainty when you know how to use it.

Learning how to win money on the lotto starts with learning how to wheel numbers so you can increase your chances of winning the lottery.

In order to have a better chance of having the winning numbers on your ticket when you have only a 1 in 14 million chance of picking the correct 6 numbers from a list of 49 you need you need to be able to pick more numbers. This is where wheeling comes in.

When you use a lottery wheeling system you can pick more than 6 numbers to enter the lotto draw with. The wheeling system is a mathematical formula to ensure that all the numbers you pick end up on at least 1 ticket together – thus giving you a much better chance of winning.

This may not sound like much but just being able to pick 7 numbers instead of 6 reduces the of from 1 in 14 million to only 1 in half a million. Still not great odds but certainly a great deal better than a normal ticket!

So imagine what odds you can get when you wheel 8 numbers or 9 numbers or 10 numbers!

How to win the lottery

However, it is possible to absolutely guarantee a lottery win by wheeling all 49 numbers! Unfortunately this would cost the price of approximately 14 million tickets.

Syndicated business groups have successfully pulled this off in the past by waiting for a massive rollover and then wheeling all 49 numbers for an instant profit. Not bad work if you have the initial investment.

However, for most of us we need to think a little smaller.

Cost of Wheeling

The only down side to wheeling systems is that the more numbers you wheel the more entries you must make in to the draw. This can become expensive the more numbers you add.

If you keep the numbers to a respectable amount this is still very affordable. For instance wheeling 7 numbers only requires 28 entries into the draw.

Many people spend more than this on scratch offs and bets on horses.

Reducing the Cost of Wheeling

A way of reducing the cost, for you personally, while actually increasing your chances of winning by wheeling more numbers is to join or form a syndicate.

Who knows maybe you could even win the mega millions or powerball!